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As an NYU Certified Life Coach, I work with people all over the world who are ready to create their version of happiness and success in their life and career on their terms.

I too, have been stuck and felt totally lost in my life and my work at various points of my journey. From working at jobs I felt undervalued or bored in, to navigating many failed romantic relationships (until finally meeting and marrying my Mr. Right), and enduring some extremely difficult phases of life, too, (like a tragic pregnancy loss at 23 weeks). 

You don't want to stay complacent and wake up every day just accepting a ho-hum life. You want and deserve more - that job, that relationship, that clarity, that confidence, and that peace. You want to feel energized by life and stoked to wake up every day, living the type of life you truly want, making your hopes and dreams your reality.

As a life coach, my goal is to help you get the clarity and confidence that you so desperately crave, so you can make a change that will get you closer to your life's vision of happiness and success. My coaching approach is to focus on your mindset, work through beliefs that hold you back, and create a strategy to help you achieve what your heart desires. Throughout the process, I am with you every step of the way!

Sarah Bogdanski - Life Coach NYC

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Sarah Bogdanski - Life Coach NYC

Get to know your future coach:
1. When I'm not coaching others to fulfill their potential, I'm spending quality time with my husband and daughter. We live in the New York City area and are grateful to have much of our family and chosen family (our friends!) very close by.
2. I have 16 years of experience working in the corporate world. I've worked at global companies including Warner Music Group, NBCUniversal, Walt Disney Entertainment, and BuzzFeed (among others). I have several years of experience growing and leading both national and international teams (and helping them develop as leaders and professionals were my favorite part!) 
3. I've lived in New York City for 18 years (with two separate yearlong stints in Mexico and Miami) and this is the longest I've lived anywhere. Before New York, I lived in Ohio, Michigan, Oklahoma, Utah, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.
4. I grew up in a bicultural household and am a first-generation Mexican-American. I embrace my multicultural family (my mom is from Mexico and my dad is American of Polish descent) and feel grateful to have the opportunity to view the world from various lenses.
5. I studied Communication at Penn State - specifically interpersonal communication and the theories behind why and how people interact with each other interpersonally across different types of relationships (familial, romantic, platonic, professional, cultural).  I've always been fascinated by people's behavior and how they communicate. My favorite class was non-verbal communication and it's proven to be extremely useful in all that I do.
6. I absolutely love being a life coach and helping others navigate various aspects of their life and career. Many years ago I hired my own life coach and in a short time so much changed in my life for the better! From that experience, I learned the true power of coaching and started my own journey to become a life coach...the rest is history!
7. I've been told by many (including a former boss of mine) that my secret gift is that I'm disarming and people instantly trust me and tell me what's on their mind - even their deepest secrets. As a coach, I value this gift as others open up to me about their dreams, fears, and desires in their life and work.

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