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With over 16 years of experience in both the corporate and start-up world in New York City, I've had my fair share of learning, development, growth, success, failures, and everything in between. I've worked at global companies in the entertainment and media industries as both an individual contributor and leader, overseeing national and international teams. I've been on both sides of the coin - as an employee and as a leader - having to navigate my path forward and through the intricacies of the business world. 

Through career coaching, I provide insight, guidance, and tools for individuals looking to grow or make positive changes professionally. This may include a career change, job seeking, and learning strategies as a new leader. I've helped clients do complete career pivots in just months, get the promotion or role they were after, and help them figure out their next career move within the job they are currently in. 

I also help my clients navigate situations that arise professionally, like dealing with difficult colleagues, communicating with peers and management, navigating performance reviews, asking for a promotion, and figuring out what the next best step is in a difficult situation. 

Lastly, some clients feel generally unhappy or unsatisfied with their current career, job, or role. Through coaching, I can help you uncover the root of this dissatisfaction and empower you to figure out the best way forward.



I've coached professionals from various backgrounds, including advertising, media, tech, finance, healthcare, fashion, PR, research, sales, HR, and many more! I've also coached entrepreneurs with small businesses.


My coaching clients have worked for companies including Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Uber, Zoom, BuzzFeed, Refinery29, The New York Times, Emirates, and several others.


After graduating from Penn State University in 2003 with a B.A. in Communication Arts & Sciences, I moved to New York City immediately after graduation to start my first role in marketing at Atlantic Records. After four years of working in marketing at record labels in New York, I moved to Mexico for a year and fulfilled my lifelong dream of living abroad. There, I worked for a small website handling their marketing, advertising, sales, and creating web pages and copy. I also worked for a contemporary art gallery providing marketing services.


After this special experience, I moved back to New York and began to work in publishing, working at several women's magazines creating and managing integrated and digital marketing programs for bluechip advertising partners. I then moved on to work in TV and video, landing an integrated marketing and client solutions role at NBCUniversal. I was a "player-coach", leading my own campaigns and managing a small team. Over time, I was promoted to a more focused leadership role and managed a team based in various markets across the country. I then moved on to Disney's Maker Studios, where I was hired to grow, coach, and lead the national Account Management team at this startup within the Disney family. During this time, I simultaneously enrolled in NYU's Coaching program to obtain my coaching certification. 

I launched Sarah Bogdanski Coaching in 2015 and continued to work in my corporate career in NYC. I then moved on to BuzzFeed where I was hired to lead and coach the International Client Service organization, leading teams in the U.K., Australia, Brazil, Mexico, and Canada. This enriching experience allowed me to continue utilizing my coaching background and I experienced the variances of the company, culture, and teams across various parts of the world.

In 2019, I moved on to another company but after a short time there I made the tough decision to leave, as this role and company were not aligned with my core values. While a difficult choice to make, it was also a turning point for me professionally, as I finally felt ready to coach full time.

Today, I run Sarah Bogdanski Coaching fulltime in New York City and I'm also a Mental Health Coach for a health tech company that provides coaching to employees at Fortune 100 companies across the country. 


Since clients may be from anywhere in the world, I provide most of my coaching via phone or video chat. If you are based in the NYC area, I can provide in-person coaching at select locations in Manhattan or Williamsburg in Brooklyn. 



Before we get started, I'll have a free 30-minute phone consultation with you. I'll ask a few pointed questions to understand what you're aiming to achieve, and from there can determine if coaching makes sense. 
If we both agree to move forward, you'll officially begin your coaching relationship. During the coaching process, I will listen and observe and ask a lot of questions. Even if you come to me to tackle something specific, I'll want to gain an understanding of your life as a whole, as I believe everything is related and patterns may emerge across different areas of your life. I will challenge your thinking at times, so you can open your mind and dig deep into the thoughts, feelings, and motives underlying the issue at hand. You'll not only gain clarity through this powerful process of inquiry but also have insights and gain confidence in what your next step(s) may be. 
I provide structure, energy, insight, and transparency into the coaching process, and will provide relevant tools when necessary. After each session, you'll have clear steps to take and I will circle back with you and hold you accountable. All the way through, I have your back and will cheer you on

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