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Online Dating Do's & Don'ts

Updated: Feb 8

Looking for that special someone via online dating? See below for my do's & don'ts!

My do's & don'ts with online dating:

Your Profile

  • Do put up only recent photos of yourself. Keep it real.

  • Don't put random pics up of where you have traveled unless you're in the picture.

  • Do use pictures of you smiling!

  • Don't post pics with a huge group of friends where no one can tell who you are. The potential date wants to know YOU not your crew.

  • Do be honest about what you're looking for - whether it's a friend, a relationship, a fling, whatever. It's best to weed out people that aren't a match off the bat for what you want.

  • Don't be generic with your profile. Tell us a story or something unique about yourself to pique the interest of others.

Your Communication

  • Do write a thoughtful message and/or response. The person on the other end will appreciate the effort - especially if it shows you actually read their profile and are not just looking at their pictures.

  • Don't forget to check your grammar and spelling. This is a BIG ONE. To be taken seriously, proofread!

  • Do reach out to people you are interested in with an actual message. Sometimes a wink or "like" isn't enough to get the convo going.

  • Don't wait for the other person to make the first move. If you're interested, let them know!

The First Date

  • Do be on time. If you're running late, kindly give your date a head's up.

  • Don't hog the conversation. Being curious and asking questions is a great way to get to know someone and show them you're interested.

  • Do relax and have fun! Remember it's not a marriage proposal - just a date! It's an opportunity to learn about someone new, and you never know where it can lead - romantic or not.

  • Don't drink too much on the first date. How will you know if the connection is right if your judgment is impaired?

Post First Date

  • Do thank your date for a nice time if it was a nice time (even if you're not interested).

  • Don't hesitate to go out with them again. Sometimes it takes time for people to open up, be more comfortable, and get over any initial shyness.

  • Do keep dating other people even if you're super interested in this specific person. Don't put all your eggs in one basket right away, it takes time to really get to know someone and whether or not they are a good match.

  • Don't swear off online dating if this date isn't what you expected. Remember, it only takes ONE person to change everything in your romantic life. Keep going!

What other do's and dont's do you have for online dating? Share below!

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