• Sarah Bogdanski

Say Yes - It Might Change Your Life

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

NYC Life Coach

As human beings, it’s in our inherent nature to be comfortable and feel safe. We stay in our comfort zones and rarely venture into the unknown.

It means we say no to career moves, relationships, adventure, and our deepest dreams and desires because we are afraid, don't want to fail, dislike feeling vulnerable, or perhaps it's not what we "should" do.

When I look at my life and the significant success, learnings, and immense joy I’ve experienced, I realize it was when I “said yes” to something totally outside of my comfort zone. Like when I:

SAID YES to my dream job at Atlantic Records even though the salary was much lower than another offer. Not only was that one of the most amazing professional roles I’ve had to date, but this opportunity brought me more friendships and unique experiences than any other job I’ve had.

SAID YES to quitting a miserable job with benefits and a steady salary to take on a freelance gig, and ended up making some of the best professional connections ever (and was much happier!)

SAID YES to moving to Mexico at age 26, leaving my life in NYC for an adventure abroad. There were lots of nay-sayers and people who told me I was messing my career up, but it actually created more opportunities when I came back to the States!

SAID YES to becoming a coach, even though I was extremely scared that I wouldn’t be helpful to others. I know I made the right decision because I’m helping more people than I ever imagined.

But one of my all time favorite SAY YES moments is when I decided to start a relationship with someone I never imagined I would. This relationship has changed my life!

Check out Laura Yamin’s SAY YES podcast on iTunes, where I share my SAY YES story about this experience and tune into the SAY YES podcast for other incredible stories.

CLICK HERE for my SAY YES story about love...

Tell me, what have you said yes to that has changed your life?

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