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Finding Positive Reminders in Tense Situations

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

NYC Life Coach

Recently my mom underwent emergency open heart surgery. On operation day, I arrived early to spend some time with her before they got started.

I'll admit it - I was extremely nervous. While I was able to control my mind from diverting in really negative directions, I still couldn't shake the fact that in a short while, she would undergo one of the most intense surgeries that exist.

As they wheeled her down on a stretcher to the pre-operative area, I sat by her side before all the action started. Several nurses and doctors came in and out of the room in the next 20 minutes, each with their unique task - yet working together to get her ready. During the several days I was hanging with her in the hospital up until surgery day, and in this short time I experienced with her in the pre-op area, I was reminded of a few key aspects of teamwork, success, and positivity.

Here were the reminders - that you can apply to almost anything in life:

1. A Smile Goes a Long Way In most situations, a caring, genuine smile goes a long way. Every single nurse and doctor that came in were smiling as they explained what would happen next, inserted tubes and needles, and prepped my mother for her surgery. Even though I had a lump in my throat, I found myself smiling too, and it made all the difference. Next time you're in a tense situation, smile. Even if it takes all your might to curl up the corners of your mouth - the action alone steers you into a positive place.

2. You Gotta Have Faith In life, we cannot control everything or every outcome. Having open heart surgery, or any surgery for that matter has its risks. While there are so many possibilities of how things could turn out, it's up to you to control your thoughts and feelings and choose which ones to experience. In this scenario, I felt out of control, but I had faith. I had confidence in the doctors, the nurses, and everyone involved to do what they do best. I had faith in my mom to be a strong fighter, as she always has been.

3. Focus and Stay Positive I'd be lying if I said that throughout this whole experience, there weren't moments where I was terrified of what would happen during or after the surgery. But, I stayed focused on my objective - which in this moment of time - was being there 100% for my mom. In moments or periods of stress, it's easy to get wrapped up in it all and let it break you. But what good does that do you? Instead, visualize success, stay focused and present, and most of all, keep positive - it will guide you all the way through.

4. Teamwork is Key There isn't one person I can thank for taking care of my mom in the hospital throughout this experience. It takes a team to accomplish a major goal. It reminded me of success in general, and how accomplishing goals are rarely ever done alone. It takes the guidance, the assistance, or the strength of others. It takes different people skilled at various things to come together and unite. When you are working toward something big, realize that needing others' assistance is ok, and welcome their strengths to be a part of the process to get to the finish line.

5. We all have Gifts We're all born with unique gifts, and over time can develop our talents if we put our minds to it. Never having spent too much time in a hospital, I realize how this career to care and work on the bodies of others a calling, and takes a particular type of person. These people have a passion for health and people and are sharing their gift. No matter what your special gift is, remember that someone out there needs it. Your gift may enhance, change, or even save, their life!

Have you been in a tough situation recently? If so, what positive reminders can you find from it? Share below!

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