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The Rules: Breaking Them & Making Them

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

NYC Life Coach

When I think about the people I admire most - whether they are people I know personally or not - they all have one thing in common:

They’re rule breakers and rule makers!

They make their own rules for their life, on their terms. They aren’t people who do terrible things like break the law or harm anyone, but people who push limits and boundaries, who do what they want regardless of what’s expected, and who aren’t afraid to be themselves even if no one else will understand or look down on it.

I admire this quality so much, because not only do these people truly own every decision they make, but they tend to have pushed boundaries that’s created a bigger impact in their own life and the lives of others. I’ve always considered myself in this category, and am constantly looking for the opportunity to make my own rules on my terms - which at times might mean breaking the rules.

I look back at my life and career, and the times I broke the “rules”...like:

When I applied to Penn State, even though my school counselor told me I wouldn’t get in because my SAT scores weren’t high enough. I applied anyway, and, got in!

When I didn’t let my lack of experience in the music industry or even marketing for that matter, stop me for interviewing for a marketing gig at Atlantic Records - which I got.

When I left my life and career as I knew it at age 26, and moved to Mexico to start a new journey. So many people looked down on this, warning me I was messing up my career. But when I got back to the states, the experience helped me land my next (dream) job at Latina Magazine.

When I left not one, but a couple jobs less than a year of employment. I broke the rule of “giving at least one year” to a company. A recruiter told me that employers would question my resume. I was never questioned once and landed positions at some of the world’s largest media and entertainment companies regardless.

These are just a handful of times I broke the “rules”. But each time I ended up on the other side happier and more fulfilled than ever before, and because of this I know I’ve had a greater impact on those in my life, personally and professionally.

Rule breakers listen to their heart and make decisions that are right for them.

I love living my life on my terms, and by my own rules, regardless of what society, my coworkers, or people around me say. I want that for you too.

How about you? What rules have you broken or made to make life work for you? Share below!

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