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9 Simple Ways to Create More Time in Your Day

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

NYC Life Coach

Time is precious - don't you think? For me, it's one of the greatest assets I can have.

Mostly everyone I know is always juggling multiple things a day; like their careers, families, errands, and their social life and passions. It feels like there is no time left to dedicate to the people or things we care about most, even ourselves at times!

I’m always trying to find ways to be more efficient so that I can maximize my time. Here are 9 simple ways I’ve added more time to my days, that consistently work for me and may work for you too!

1. Get enough sleep every day. OK, this may sound counterintuitive. Instead of cutting sleep to have more time in your day, sleep a solid 7-8 hours (or whatever your body needs) each night. By getting enough sleep, you can ensure that you'll be functioning at your optimal level the next day. Also, going to bed and waking up at the same time every day helps your body and mind get into sweet sleep habit.

2. Maximize your energy levels. Is there a particular time of the day that you have more energy versus not? If you aren't sure, pay attention to when you are most alert and seem to be your most productive. Once you know your peak energy points of the day, focus on getting your most difficult, thought-oriented tasks done then.

3. Wear a uniform. This is something I adopted a few years ago, and it has saved me so much time in the morning! During any given season, have some rotating outfits you can quickly throw together, including a combo of matching shirts, pants, and blazers - for example. And if you wear neutral colors and classic pieces that all work well together - you will barely need to think about getting dressed every morning.

4. Say “no.” Are you constantly saying yes to every single social invite you get? Maybe you suffer from major FOMO (I totally used to!), and you're always running around in your free time. Once you are more selective and are OK with saying “no” to certain things, you can have the time to focus on your daily and big-picture goals. My current rule of thumb is: if it's not contributing to my bank account, goals, or happiness, I don't have time for it :)

5. Leave the office by a certain time. There’s always work to do. Even still, aim to leave the office by a certain time each day and know when you need to stay later versus not. Too many times people work late in the office because they feel like they need to prove a point that they are working hard. Consider working smarter - not longer. If you don’t set boundaries, the expectation is that you have none and your time will slowly slip away.

6. Limit TV watching. Ok, maybe this one is too far-fetched for some. But watching TV every night is a total time suck. Of course, it’s entertaining, and you can be in the “know” with the latest shows, but look at how much time you watch TV versus spend it with people you care about or working on your passions. I've pretty much given up TV, and it's given me so much time back now that I barely watch it! I do allow the occasional Netflix binge...

7. Make the most of your commute. Depending what your commute is like, consider using it to get your read on. If you take public transportation like I do, use that as a time to dive into a book. And if you drive - audio books! You can probably cross off more books on your list than you realize with this efficient, time-saving trick.

8. Keep meetings to 30 minutes tops and have an agenda to stay on course. A good rule of thumb to have in the workplace is to keep meetings to no more than 30 minutes. At times, a meeting may require more time, but for the most part, I have found 30 minutes or less to be all I need - especially if there is a plan for the discussion - like an agenda that everyone has before the meeting. A clear plan helps keep the discussion on track.

9. Rely on others to help. Time is such a huge asset, and it's tough to maximize it all by yourself. Consider investing in the right people to help you, whether it’s a cleaning service or those folks with the skills you don’t have (like someone to handle your plumbing or web design). This way, you can focus your time and energy on the aspects of your life most important to you!

Do you have any time-saving tips that work for you? Share below!

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