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7 Things to Unlearn to be Happier & More Successful

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

NYC Life Coach

When it comes to success and general happiness, we always hear about what we need to learn or do more of.

But what about what we need to unlearn?

Do you have any bad habits you could lose?

Here are seven common habits to unlearn, that can make a significant difference in your overall happiness and be a catalyst of your success (trust me...I had to unlearn ALL of them!):

1.Worrying about what others think. Giving a sh*t about what everyone thinks can make you feel so paralyzed to make a decision. No matter what, someone will always be judging you so why not just do what feels right for you? Once you stop caring about what others would think, you will feel freer and make decisions with confidence.

2. Trying to please everyone. Guess what; it’s impossible to please everyone! I know I can’t. There will always be someone who doesn't agree or nod in delight at everything you did. Once you accept that, you'll feel more confident and learn to listen to your inner wisdom. Ultimately, it’s about being in tune with oneself.

3. The need to know “why.” Let go of the need to always know the “why” to something - I promise you'll feel more at peace! Sometimes we’ll never know the answer or reasoning to something, and accepting that allows you to move forward and not feel stuck. Instead of wasting your precious time wondering "why," accept that you might not ever know and move forward to bigger and better things.

4. Playing by all the rules. Rules exist to keep order, but sometimes, the most beautiful things happen out of order. In breaking some rules, and making your own, you can carve the path you want that works for you and not look back! Some of your biggest successes in life may be a factor of going against the grain and doing things your way.

5. Telling everyone...everything. Do you confide in everyone about your life and decisions? Usually, we do this before making a decision so that we can get others' opinions on the matter. In getting several different points of view, you'll ultimately never entirely feel confident about any decision since it will never felt like your own. Once you stop doing this and make decisions based on your inner wisdom and desires, you will completely own your happiness.

6. Perfectionism. Are you a perfectionist? The aim to be perfect ultimately leads to dissatisfaction. Why? Because nothing is perfect, including ourselves, and always striving for something that’s impossible leads to feeling less than, because we’re holding ourselves to an unrealistic measure. Embrace your messiness, and realize it’s part of your charm in everything you do!

7. Being a control freak. This goes hand in hand with perfectionism, but a need to control every last thing can indeed control you - and your emotions. When you can't control a situation, significant anxiety can ensue. Try to loosen the mental reigns you have on the things you cannot control, and I bet you'll be calmer, happier, and have more faith in the Universe than ever before.

What about you? What habits could you unlearn for more success and happiness? Share below!

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