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Why you MUST take a break

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

NYC Life Coach

Next week my boyfriend Luis and I are headed to Mexico for some much-needed R&R. We’ve had an incredibly busy summer between work, a variety of family obligations, and five (yes, 5!!!) weddings. We decided to squeeze in a quick break to one of our favorite spots, to do nothing more than lay on the beach, snorkel with the fish, and eat delicious Mexican food. We originally had no plans for a summer vacation. Between investing in all of these weddings for people we really care about (4 of which are out of town) plus other significant expenses this summer, it was just too overwhelming to even think about planning or investing in a vacation. Over dinner one evening, after a long day, I told Luis we needed a break. We both had been running at full steam these past months and hadn’t had much alone time together between an hour or two here and there. I knew it was important not only for our relationship but to ourselves to rest and recharge. While it was going against our original plans, we decided to make the investment to take a break and head to Mexico. I’m so glad we did. I know we’re going to have an amazing time, and our time away will make for some beautiful memories that we'll have in our hearts forever. When’s the last time you had a break? Whether it was a full-blown vacation or even just a day all to yourself? If you can’t even remember the last time or you realize it was some time ago, start planning it! You don’t necessarily need lots of money to do it (ever heard of a staycation?!) We all know the main benefits of vacation and time off (time to relax, recharge, connect, tap into our creativity, explore & discover, the list goes on!)...I want to squash some of the top excuses you might be making NOT to take a break. Check out five here:

1. You’re afraid your boss will look down on you for taking time off - especially with all the work you have. Your boss shouldn't be thinking this way if they are indeed a human being. Research shows most people do not take off all the time they have earned. Don’t feel guilty taking time away - you deserve it! Plus, taking a break is healthy, and you’ll come back to work with recharged batteries and thus, be a happier employee :) 2. You’re broke. Ok, so maybe you won’t be flying around the world in a private jet, but there are so many creative ways to take time off and have fun with little or no cash. Try a staycation, go on a road trip with friends, or hunt down amazing Internet deals to score lower airfare and hotels. There’s always a way to do it! 3. You don't have a travel buddy. If you can’t find a family member or friend to go on an adventure with, consider going with a travel group or even hit the road solo. Do your research on safe places for solo travel or google it up to find a travel group that would make sense for your unique tastes and needs. You might even end up meeting new friends on these types of adventures! 4. You think staycations are lame-o. If you've never had a staycation, you are missing out my friend! Some of my favorite memories of New York City (where I'm based) are when I took off a random Friday to hit up a museum, walk around my favorite neighborhood, veg-out in Central Park, or just hang out at a quaint cafe to people watch. Take advantage of your town and surrounding area, I bet there is so much there you haven't experienced or discovered yet! 5. You're just too busy. I get it, between your career, your family, your responsibilities, and your to-do list, taking time away seems impossible. You can't imagine taking a day or two off when you just...have...so...much...to...do. Here's the truth - it can all wait. If you don't take the time to rest and recharge, whether it's a day to yourself or a week away in a new place, it's going to catch up with you. We all need self-love, and if you don't take care of YOU, you can't show up your best for everyone else that needs you to be your best. Think about it. Are any of these excuses familiar? If so, get planning something stat! Also, connect with me on my Facebook page here, because I’ll be doing some Facebook LIVE videos from my vacation - maybe it will inspire you to plan your next getaway ;)

When and where is your next break? Share below!

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