• Sarah Bogdanski

Do you care about what others think?

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

NYC Life Coach

Do you ever worry about what others think? Like...

  • What your parents will think of the career path you might take?

  • What your friends will think of your new boy/girlfriend?

  • What your colleagues will think of your promotion?

  • What your peers will think of your new business venture?

  • (ok... you get the point!)

I can't tell you how many (zillion) times I'd feel insecure due to my fear of what others would think, and didn't realize how much this would impact me and the decisions I'd make. At times the fear was so intense it would paralyze me and I'd feel stuck. I knew if I wanted to live life on my terms (i.e. be happy), I had to learn to stop worrying about what everyone else thought - and this took a lot of mental work on my end. And once I did, I felt freer than ever and had the confidence to make big, bold decisions which ultimately, have brought me more success and happiness than ever before. If you care about what others think when it comes to your life and the decisions you make - you must check out this quick 90-second video here where I let you know why you must stop doing this immediately! And if you know someone who could benefit from hearing this advice, share this video with them - you never know whose life you might change. Would love to hear your thoughts on this topic - leave a note below!

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