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A life-changing practice that takes less than 2 minutes

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

NYC Life Coach

I’d be lying to you if I said the past month hadn't been a bit of a rollercoaster. So much has happened! There’s been some (extreme) highs, some lows, and some developments that have left me confused and needing more information.

To name a few…

  • It’s been difficult, trying times for those around me...A colleague's 2-year old son has cancer and is going through intense chemo. A dear friend is working through her relationship with someone who she learned is battling alcoholism.

  • The 2016 Presidential Election. No matter who you voted for, it’s been intense to say the least. For me, it’s resulted in poor sleep, intense discussions, and feelings of sorrow, rage, and disbelief.

  • After a series of doctor appointments, X-rays, and MRIs, a scratch my head moment: A neurosurgeon recommended I get my spine fused to help combat my progressing scoliosis. So many things to think about and consider with this one.

  • A MAJOR high in my life - I got engaged!!! My partner Luis and I are over the moon to take this next step in our life together. And that moment we said yes to this next step, was one of the happiest, most special of my life.

All this went down this past month. Crazy right?

From recent conversations with friends and clients, I realized everyone was experiencing some ups and downs, which as we know, are a part of life. Things left out of our control, things that bring pain, confusion, and stress. And beautiful moments too.

With all the ups and downs, sometimes it can be tricky to stay focused, stay optimistic, and not let anxiety get the best of us. Especially when some of us are experiencing major low points in life, are stuck in a rut, or aren't excited for the future.

Several years ago, I started a practice that changed my life. It took me from one of my deepest ruts in life to a place of gratitude, and a newfound appreciation and thankfulness for all life gives me, every single day. It’s a practice I encourage all of my clients to do too, and when they stick with it, it’s worked wonders for them like it did for me.

So here it is: Practice Gratitude. Every. Single. Day.

You might say, well, I’m already thankful for all the good things in my life. And I’m sure you are, but take it a step further with this daily exercise (that takes less than 2 minutes!)

  1. Buy yourself a journal - something with a design or colors that invigorate you.

  2. Every night before you go to bed, handwrite 3 to 5 things that were good about your day. Maybe you had a delicious breakfast or a lovely 10-minute chat with a friend on the phone. Be sure to record those little things - because over time you will see and feel how much of an impact they make!

  3. Don’t overthink this. Literally, spend 2 minutes or less making your quick list.

  4. After a few weeks, notice any difference in your mood. Based on my experience, and my clients too, the changes are all extremely positive!

  5. Share this practice with anyone who’s experiencing sadness, anxiety, or feels blah in general. It works wonders! I promise.

Like I said, this practice CHANGED MY LIFE! You can read more about that story here...but first ----

Tell us, what are you grateful for TODAY?

Share below!

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