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"When I first started with Sarah, I’d been going through a difficult time with a lot of change, uncertainty, and confusion going on in my life. Sarah has been incredibly instrumental in my professional and personal journey, giving me some of the best guidance I’ve ever received. Throughout our sessions, she has taught me to take a step back, think differently, and focus on my life one step at a time. Sarah has challenged me to think outside the box, get my head away from my preconceived thoughts, help me set goals, and get me out of my comfort zone, all the while being encouraging and supportive. I’m eternally grateful to have found her when I did because she’s given me the confidence to pursue whatever I desire. She’s taught me that no goal is unattainable and to feed my curiosities and thoughts. I feel more prepared and ready to tackle whatever life has to offer. I highly recommend Sarah as a life coach and/or career coach. I can’t thank her enough for everything she has taught me!!"

- Alex - Norwalk, CT

"Sarah exceeded all of my expectations as a coach, and supported me not only professionally but personally. She helped me grow in the hard path of readdressing my career. She opened my mind and leveraged my resources to find the options that better fit my needs."

- Laura - Brooklyn, NY


"Before I started working with Sarah, I was looking to make a huge career shift and find something I was really passionate about. She helped me uncover the internal struggle I had with what direction to go career-wise and other underlying personal issues I had been experiencing for years. Throughout the sessions, she was my biggest cheerleader. She helped me realize my potential, appreciate all the positive things in life, continue to challenge me to be the best I can be. Without her guidance and inspiration, I don't think I would be where I am today: working in a role and company I'm loving, building healthy relationships and making choices that add value to my life on a daily basis.  I'm no longer afraid of the unknown but I'm excited and ready to take on what's to come in the future."

- Michelle, Los Angeles, CA

"Sarah gave me the push and encouragement I needed to finally finish grad school applications. She provided me with amazing advice and worked with me through my hesitations until I was happy with the end result. I worked with a lot of people through this process and Sarah was the only one whose input made me feel secure. She is sincerely uplifting and very easy to talk to. Working with her was invaluable!"

- Emma, New York, NY

"My time spent with Sarah was truly so great. She is so helpful and I believe that it was our sessions that helped me gain a sense of direction with my career. Having just graduated last year from college, there were many scattered thoughts and ideas of where I wanted to take my career and knowledge. Among many other gains, Sarah helped me shift focus to my goals, create a sense of value to my skills and practice, and she gave me long-lasting tools to help myself emotionally and professionally. I'll always be so grateful for the work we did together and I totally recommend her to anyone that may be looking for a career/ life coach."

- Nicolette, Long Island

"Sarah is an amazing life coach. Before I started my sessions with her, I felt stuck and unhappy about where I was in my career. Through her great coaching skills, Sarah opened my eyes to all the opportunity available to me, helped me to explore my options, and find my passion. I can now say I feel excited about the next chapter in my career, having clarity about what I enjoy and how to achieve it!"

- Diane, New Jersey


"I was on a career path that I wasn't too excited about and had always held on to the hope of landing my dream job in a different field. But navigating through the job market in a field where I had no connections or prior knowledge/experience was extremely challenging. I felt stuck and felt like I exhausted every effort. I felt that I was out of options...and that's when Sarah came into the picture! During the initial consultation, I was really impressed with her ability to quickly grasp the struggles that I was having, and offer her thoughts on what the best approach would be. It was there that I knew I was in the right hands. The weekly sessions we had over the next few months were invaluable! I felt empowered and optimistic at the end of every session. It took a lot of work and effort, and without Sarah guiding me through it and cheering me on, I would've given up a long time ago! Sarah is that confidence and encouragement you need at times when you don't have those two things. And the best part of the entire experience is that I indeed landed my dream job! I highly recommend Sarah!"

- Linda, Charlotte, NC


"Through my work with you, I’m now able to look at my career with a marathon perspective in lieu of a sprint. I’m also able to separate work from life now, which is a huge step forward. You were really good at listening, and you’re also very relatable. You helped me achieve goals that will benefit me for the rest of my career and life, like establishing work/life balance (something I didn’t think could exist in my industry since I’ve always followed the work/life “integration” methodology). Instead of blaming myself and being so hard on my surroundings, and myself, I’m now able to differentiate people in my life, from management to colleagues, and the role they play in my current situation. This has helped me separate myself as the strong, ambitious woman I am, even taking a moment to check in on my daily accomplishments to keep my drive up. I can’t thank you enough for the one-off emails and phone calls when I felt in a bind. I really believe those helped me bring my professionalism to a whole new level. Thank you, Sarah!"

- Victoria, San Francisco, CA


"Sarah is warm, supportive and encouraging. She challenged me to think beyond my limiting beliefs around my career and business idea which pushed me to start my business! Sarah is very relatable and was able to tie in stories from her life which related, empowering me to see what was possible. In our time together I started my business, removed destructive limiting beliefs and regained my confidence in my career. I feel strongly you should hire Sarah if you are needing support and guidance finding or heading in a direction and are open and willing to change."

- Vanessa, Brooklyn, NY


"Working with Sarah was a truly enriching experience. She gave me the confidence I needed, which helped me improve my interviewing skills. I loved working with her because she gave me constant assistance and feedback, and always made herself available to answer my questions. I walked away from the experience feeling confident, and the best part is that I landed the job I wanted!"

- Maya, Washington, D.C.


"Before working with Sarah, I was at a point in my life where I felt stuck. I couldn't figure out which way was up, which way to turn next, if there was a light at the end of the tunnel, or if what I was so desperately seeking was within reach considering how lost I felt both within myself and in life. I was once a happy, positive person that didn't allow anyone to bring me down. I looked at things differently, and always found the good in all situations and never cared what people thought of me until I came face to face with my greatest challenge. I began dating someone from my past. Someone whom I haven't dated years. We lead a wonderful, healthy relationship, but when we broke up, the family was displeased with that decision. Life went on, we made different life decisions during that time apart, but our paths wound up crossing again later in life. Birds chirped in the family's ears and shared unpleasant things with them that were sadly false, and wouldn't allow me the opportunity to defend myself. Though we decided to be together despite their approval, it was very difficult and took quite a toll on me. Not being accepted, feeling judged, not being welcomed around or to events, all because of a young past and rumors I was unable to defend, lead me into a very dark hole. A hole I so desperately wanted to come out of and was giving up all hope fighting for what I so strongly wanted. Beginning to feel less of myself because of the picture that was painted of me, I reached out to Sarah in hopes for a connection. With our very first chat, she was so responsive to my needs and I couldn't wait until our first session. Sarah is motivating, compassionate, kind, understanding, and gets the job done! Helping me set goals for myself and making me believe in myself again was the best WIN of all. She allowed me, over the course of our sessions, to regain a positive outlook on life, but most importantly myself and my relationship. She helped me set goals I never thought imaginable, and because of her it pushed me to keep those promises and get them accomplished. Because of her, I feel a sense of relief. My relationship is at an all time high. I had the chance to defend myself, and now am accepted and welcomed by all. I am so glad I turned to Sarah before I lost out on the best thing that has happened to me, but most importantly lost myself!"

- Kristy, Bayonne, NJ

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