I can help you uncover 
what's holding you back,
work through unhealthy habits,
and make a plan to move forward.
I will teach you how to:

Learn lifelong tools for a healthy mindset.

Create goals rooted in your personal values.

Map out a realistic, actionable plan.

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"Sarah has been my savior. She has literally guided me through a very dark period of my life, with the utmost ease and grace. I’ve achieved everything I wanted to achieve, taken big steps that I would have never thought I was capable of doing on my own, and most importantly helped me become the better version of myself."

- Wasan, New York, NYe coach

"I was looking to make a huge career shift and find something I was really passionate about. She helped me uncover the internal struggle I had with what direction to go career-wise and other underlying personal issues I had been experiencing for years. Throughout the sessions, she was my biggest cheerleader."

- Michelle, Los Angeles, CA life coach

"Through my work with you, I’m now able to look at my career with a marathon perspective in lieu of a sprint. I’m also able to separate work from life now, which is a huge step forward. You were really good at listening, and you’re also very relatable. You helped me achieve goals that will benefit me for the rest of my career and life, like establishing work/life balance (something I didn’t think could exist in my industry since I’ve always followed the work/life “integration” methodology). I really believe those helped me bring my professionalism to a whole new level. Thank you, Sarah!"

- Victoria, San Francisco, CA life coachach


Sarah Bogdanski - NYC Life Coach



Sarah Bogdanski is an NYU Certified Coach based in NYC and has supported individuals all over the globe. Since 2003, she has worked across companies in the entertainment and media industries, including Warner Music Group, Walt Disney Entertainment, NBCUniversal and BuzzFeed and obtained her Professional Coaching Certification in 2015 from New York University. Sarah utilizes practices from cognitive behavioral therapy coupled with her extensive professional and leadership background to help her clients clear out the clutter and confusion of their lives so they can confidently move forward toward their own happiness and definition of success.

Sarah has also been described as a "warrior" by her family and friends, and a "lightworker" by other healers she's come across. While she's encountered several losses throughout her life, from difficult childhood experiences to undergoing a tragic pregnancy loss, she has first-hand experience of how to navigate life's storms and create a healthy approach to healing, moving forward and achieving her goals personally and professionally. 


Contact Sarah for a free consultation by clicking below or call Sarah at 917-715-5410.


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